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🔹First bank in India- Bank of Hindustan (1770) 
🔹First Bank managed by Indians- Oudh Commercial Bank 
🔹First Bank with Indian capital- Punjab National Bank (Founder of the Bank is Lala Lajpat Rai) 
🔹First Foreign Bank in India – HSBC 
🔹First bank to get ISO certificate – Canara Bank 
🔹First Indian bank outside India –Bank of India 
🔹First Bank to introduce ATM – HSBC (1987, Mumbai) 
🔹First Bank to have joint stock public bank (Oldest) – Allahabad Bank 
🔹First Universal bank – ICICI (Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India) 
🔹First bank to introduce saving account – Presidency Bank (1833) 
🔹First Bank to introduce Cheque system – Bengal Bank (1833) 
🔹First bank to give internet banking facility – ICICI 
First bank to sell mutual funds – State Bank of India 
🔹First bank to issue credit cards - Central Bank of India 
🔹First Rural Regional Bank (Grameen Bank) – Prathama Bank (sponsored by Syndicate Bank) 
🔹First bank to get ‘in principle’ banking license – IDFC and Bandhan Bank 
🔹First Bank to introduce merchant banking in India – Grind lays bank 
🔹First bank to introduce block chain technology – ICICI 
🔹First bank to introduce voice biometric – Citi Bank 
🔹First bank to introduce robot in banking service- HDFC 

🔴 Miscellaneous points:

Largest public sector bank in India – State Bank of India 
Largest private sector bank in India – ICICI 
Largest foreign bank in India – Standard Chartered Bank 
Bank with more branches in India – State Bank of India 

🔴 Present 5 Associates of SBI : 
Bank of Travancore 
Bank of Patiala 
Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur 
Bank of Hyderabad 
Bank of Mysuru

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