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The Hindu Vocabulary (19 July)

●The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams.

1. TRAVAIL (NOUN): (कष्टपूर्ण परिश्रम):  ordeal 
Synonyms: trial, tribulation 
Antonyms: comfort 
Example Sentence: 
Advice for those who wish to save great sorrow and travail. 

2. DESECRATE (VERB): (अपवित्र करना):  violate 
Synonyms: profane, pollute 
Antonyms: venerate 
Example Sentence: 
Not more than 300 graves were desecrated. 

3. PROVOCATIVE (ADJECTIVE): (उत्तेजक):  annoying 
Synonyms: irritating, exasperating 
Antonyms: soothing 
Example Sentence: 
The newspaper had allowed to publish a provocative article. 

4. UPHOLD (VERB): (समर्थन करना):  confirm 
Synonyms: endorse, sustain 
Antonyms: overturn 
Example Sentence: 
The court upheld his claim for damages. 

5.SCINTILLATING(ADJECTIVE): (बहुत चमकीला): brilliant 
Synonyms: dazzling, exciting 
Antonyms: boring 
Example Sentence: 
His scintillating wit was loved by the audience. 

6. GRIM (ADJECTIVE): (कठोर):  stern 
Synonyms: forbidding, uninviting 
Antonyms: amiable 
Example Sentence: 
Hikers made a grim discovery when they came across a dead body in the woods. 

7. CRIPPLE (VERB): (विकलांग बनाना):  disable 
Synonyms: paralyse, immobilize 
Antonyms: able-bodied 
Example Sentence: 
A young student was crippled for life. 

Synonyms: deprived, disadvantaged 
Antonyms: privileged 
Example Sentence: 
Needy and underprivileged members of the community. 

9. RELAXATION (NOUN): (रियायत):  moderation 
Synonyms: modification, easing 
Antonyms: tightening up 
Example Sentence: 
Relaxation was given to censorship rules. 

10. FORGO (VERB): (त्यागना): do without 
Synonyms: go without, give up 
Antonyms: keep 
Example Sentence: 
She wanted to forgo the tea and leave while they could.

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