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The Hindu Vocabulary _26_July

The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams.

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1. PERTURBED (ADJECTIVE):(व्याकुल):  anxious 
Synonyms: worried, concerned 
Antonyms: unworried 
Example Sentence: 
He nodded, obviously perturbed about something. 

2. ENORMOUSLY (ADVERB): (अत्यंत):  very 
Synonyms: extremely, exceedingly 
Antonyms: moderately 
Example Sentence: 
Quality of life varies enormously from one place to another. 

3. ACCOUNTABILITY (NOUN): (जवाबदेही):  responsibility 
Synonyms: liability, answerability 
Antonyms: unaccountability 
Example Sentence: 
Lack of accountability damaged public respect for business and political leaders. 

4. IMMORAL (ADJECTIVE): (अनैतिक):  unethical 
Synonyms: bad, wrongful 
Antonyms: moral 
Example Sentence: 
Her behaviour was seemingly immoral. 

5. ACCREDIT (VERB): (मान्यता देना):  recognize 
Synonyms: license, authorize 
Antonyms: ban 
Example Sentence: 
Institutions that do not meet the standards will not be accredited for teacher training. 

6. FACTION (NOUN): (विरोध):  infighting 
Synonyms: dissension, dissent 
Antonyms: harmony 
Example Sentence: 
Gradually, the army faction had increased. 

7. LAMENT (VERB): (विलाप करना):  mourn 
Synonyms: sorrow, wail 
Antonyms: celebrate 
Example Sentence: 
He was lamenting the death of his infant daughter. 

8. PLUNGE (NOUN): (गिरावट):  fall 
Synonyms: drop, tumble 
Antonyms: rise 
Example Sentence: 
The central bank declared a 76% plunge in its profits. 

9. DIVINE (ADJECTIVE): (मनोरम):  lovely 
Synonyms: handsome, beautiful 
Antonyms: mundane 
Example Sentence: 
Her face had the most divine smile. 

10. OPTIMISM (NOUN): (आशावाद):  hope 
Synonyms: confidence, buoyancy 
Antonyms: pessimism 
Example Sentence: 
The talks had been amicable and there were grounds for optimism.


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