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The Hindu Vocabulary 29_July

The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams

Click Here 👉  THE HINDU Vocabulary  👈👈 (28 July)

1. INFIRM (ADJECTIVE): (कमजोर):  frail 
Synonyms: weak, feeble 
Antonyms: strong 
Example Sentence: 
Those who are old or infirm aren't allowed ro travel. 

2. NULLIFY (VERB): (अमान्य ठहराना) : annul 
Synonyms: void, invalidate 
Antonyms: ratify 
Example Sentence: 
Judges were unwilling to nullify government decisions. 

3. ASSERTIVE (ADJECTIVE): (आत्म विश्वासी):  confident 
Synonyms: forceful, self-confident 
Antonyms: retiring 
Example Sentence: 
The job of a salesman calls for assertive behaviour. 

4. AMID (PREPOSITION): (के बीच):  in the middle of 
Synonyms: among, between 
Antonyms: surrounding 
Example Sentence: 
Our dream home, set amid magnificent rolling countryside. 

5. INQUISITIVE (ADJECTIVE): (जिज्ञासु):  curious 
Synonyms: intrigued, interested 
Antonyms: uninterested 
Example Sentence: 
I didn't like to seem inquisitive. 

6. TANGLE (VERB): (उलझाना):  confuse 
Synonyms: jumble, mix up
Antonyms: simple 
Example Sentence: 
His ideas tangled matters even further. 

7. ECONOMICAL (ADJECTIVE): (किफ़ायती):  cost-effective
Synonyms: effective, efficient 
Antonyms: extravagant 
Example Sentence: 
Solar power may provide a more economic solution. 

8. ABATE (VERB): (न्यून होना):  subside 
Synonyms: lessen, let up 
Antonyms: intensify 
Example Sentence: 
The storm had suddenly abated to a huge extent. 

9. PREMIUM (NOUN): (वरिष्ठ):  superior 
Synonyms: premier, high-end 
Antonyms: inferior 
Example Sentence: 
Premium vine and good music is all he needs for a good weekend. 

10. EXQUISITE (ADJECTIVE): (अति सुंदर):  beautiful 
Synonyms: lovely, elegant 
Antonyms: crude
Example Sentence:
The place was filled with exquisite, jewel- like portraits.


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