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The Hindu Vocabulary 11_August


The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams. 

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1. COMMERCIAL (ADJECTIVE): (लाभ के उदेश्यवाला):  lucrative 
Synonyms: moneymaking, with 
Antonyms: loss-making 
Example Sentence: 
Their work is way too commercial. 

2. SUBVERT (VERB): (व्‍यवस्‍था भंग करना):  destabilize 
Synonyms: unsettle, overthrow 
Antonyms: keep 
Example Sentence: 
An attempt was made to subvert democratic government. 

3.PRECAUTIONARY(ADJECTIVE): (निवारक): preventative 
Synonyms: preventive, safety 
Antonyms: indifferent 
Example Sentence: 
We took her to hospital as a precautionary measure. 

4. URGE (VERB): (अनुरोध करना):  encourage 
Synonyms: enjoin, adjure 
Antonyms: discourage 
Example Sentence: 
Drawing up outside, he urged her inside. 

5GROUNDBREAKING(ADJECTIVE): (अभूतपूर्व): innovative 
Synonyms: pioneering, advanced 
Antonyms: conservative 
Example Sentence: 
Groundbreaking research has been done to look into fertility problems 

6. BLEND (VERB): (मिश्रित करना):  mix 
Synonyms: mingle, combine 
Antonyms: clash 
Example Sentence: 
Blend the cornflour with a tablespoon of water to get a perfect mixture. 

7. CONSOLIDATE (VERB): (मजबूत करना):  strengthen 
Synonyms: secure, stabilize 
Antonyms: weaken 
Example Sentence: 
The company consolidated its position in the international market. 

8. ADORABLE (ADJECTIVE): (प्यारा):  lovable 
Synonyms: appealing, charming 
Antonyms: hateful 
Example Sentence: 
I have four adorable Siamese cats. 

9.HUMANITARIAN(ADJECTIVE): (मानवीय): compassionate 
Synonyms: humane, unselfish 
Antonyms: selfish 
Example Sentence: 
NGOs send humanitarian aid to all. 

10. TUSSLE (NOUN): (संघर्ष):  scuffle 
Synonyms: fight. struggle 
Antonyms: accord 
Example Sentence: 
There was a tussle for the ball.

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