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The Hindu Vocabulary 3_August

The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams. 

Click Here 👉 The Hindu Vocabulary  2_August

1. NOTABLE (ADJECTIVE): (उल्लेखनीय): .noteworthy 
Synonyms: remarkable, outstanding 
Antonyms: insignificant  
Example Sentence: 
The gardens are notable for their collection of magnolias and camellias. 

2. PHENOMENAL (ADJECTIVE): (अभूतपूर्व):  exceptional 
Synonyms: extraordinary, remarkable 
Antonyms: ordinary 
Example Sentence: 
The town expanded at a phenomenal rate. 

3. ATYPICAL (ADJECTIVE): (विचित्र):  unusual 
Synonyms: untypical, non-typical 
Antonyms: typical 
Example Sentence: 
I belong to the sample of people who are rather atypical of the target audience. 

4. THOUGHTFUL (ADJECTIVE): (विचारशील):  pensive 
Synonyms: thinking, reflective 
Antonyms: vacant 
Example Sentence: 
Brows were drawn together in thoughtful consideration. 

5. FLAUNT (VERB): (शान दिखाना):  show off 
Synonyms: parade, exhibit 
Antonyms: hide 
Example Sentence: 
Newly rich consumers eager to flaunt their prosperity. 

6. FORMIDABLE (ADJECTIVE): (डरावना):  intimidating 
Synonyms: forbidding, redoubtable 
Antonyms: comforting 
Example Sentence: 
Hers is an formidable opponent. 

7. EXASPERATION (NOUN): (खीज):  irritation 
Synonyms: annoyance, chagrin 
Antonyms: pleasure 
Example Sentence: 
She rolled her eyes in exasperation. 

8. FORTIFY (VERB): (मज़बूत करना):  invigorate 
Synonyms: strengthen, energize 
Antonyms: sedate 
Example Sentence: 
She is fortified by her religious faith. 

9. PRECISION (NOUN): (शुद्धता):  exactness 
Synonyms: accuracy, correctness 
Antonyms: inaccuracy 
Example Sentence: 
The deal was planned and executed with military precision. 

10. IMPROBABLE (ADJECTIVE): (असंभाव्य):  unlikely 
Synonyms: not likely, doubtful 
Antonyms: probable 
Example Sentence: 
This account of events was seen by the jury as most improbable.


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