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Important Latest Festivals 2020


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πŸ“ Mandu Festival
 Madhya Pradesh

πŸ“ Belum Caves Festival
 Andhra Pradesh

πŸ“ Ritualistic Festival, Lai Haraoba

πŸ“Buxa Bird Festival
 West Bengal

πŸ“ Kite Festival

πŸ“ Zo Kutpui Festival

πŸ“ Dhanu Jatra Festival

πŸ“ Madhavpur Mela

πŸ“ Chariot Festival 
 Tamil Nadu
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πŸ“ National Youth Festival
 Lucknow UP

πŸ“ Karavali Utsav 
 Mangaluru Karnataka

πŸ“ Magh Bihu

πŸ“ Pongal Festival [ Jallikattu ]
 Madurai Tamil Nadu

πŸ“Chapchar Kut Festival

πŸ“ Innovation Festival
 Arunachal Pradesh

πŸ“ Nagoba jatra

πŸ“Surajkund Craft Mela

πŸ“ Narmada Mahotsav
 Madhya Pradesh

πŸ“Kala Ghoda Art Festival
 Mumbai MH

πŸ“ Hornbill Festival 2020

πŸ“ Seed sowing festival ‘Lui-Ngai-Ni’

πŸ“ Losar Festival 
Himachal Pradesh

πŸ“ Nimad Chilli Festival 
 Madhya Pradesh

πŸ“ Rangotsav
 Barsana Mathura

πŸ“ National Organic Food Festival
 New Delhi

πŸ“ Kobita Utsav
 West Bengal

πŸ“Ganga Kayak Festival 

πŸ“Namaste Orchha Festival
Madhya Pradesh

πŸ“ Global Ayurveda Festival 
 Kochi Kerala

πŸ“ Fagli Festival  
 Himachal Pradesh

πŸ“ Hola Mohalla Festival

πŸ“ Phool Dei Festival 

πŸ“ Kheer Bhawani Mela

πŸ“ Raja Praba Festival

πŸ“ Ambubachi Mela

πŸ“ Harela Festival

πŸ“ Aadi Perukku Festival
 Tamil Nadu

πŸ“Bangas Awaam Mela 

πŸ“ Matsya Festival 

πŸ“ Dwijing Festival 

πŸ“Dragonfly Festival
“Thumbimahotsavam 2020”

πŸ“Nuakhai Festival 
 Odisha and Chhattisgarh
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