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10 December Important Current Affairs In English


Daily Important Current Affairs In English

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 Why is it important to read current affairs?    

Current Affairs refer to the events of national and international importance relevant from competitive exams perspective like Civil Services Exam, Bank exam, etc. With the change in the pattern of examinations, questions related to current events and news have assumed a major role in deciding the fate of students

🔶 • Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has recently canceled the license of Bank in Maharashtra - Karad Janata Sahakari Bank Limited.

🔶 • The Union Ministry of Education has issued a new bag policy in which the weight of the bag will not exceed 5 kg.

🔶 • The journalist writer who has been awarded the third Rabindranath Tagore Sahitya Puraskar for his novel 'The City and the Sea' - Rajkamal Jha

🔶 • The country which has passed a new property law in view of Corona virus epidemic under which a special tax will be imposed on the capitalists of the country - Argentina

🔶 • India and the country which has decided to set up a special task force which will provide more convenience to the Qatar Investment Authority for investment in India- Qatar

🔶 • The 16th round of meeting between India and the country whose foreign offices were held via video conference - Israel

🔶 • The woman who has got the first place in the 100 powerful women list released by Forbes - Angela Merkel

🔶 • Recently the country which successfully operated its "artificial sun" nuclear fusion reactor for the first time - China

🔶 • According to the report of the 30-member survey team of China and Nepal, the height of Mount Everest, the world's highest peak, has increased to 86 centimeters - 8848.  86 m

🔶 • The International Olympic Committee has officially given the status of Olympic Games in the Games to be held in Paris in 2024- Breakdance

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