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Important List of Branches of Science

 Important List of Branches of Science

Branch                         Concerning Field

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👉Aerodynamics : The study of the motion of gas on objects and the forces created

👉Aeronautics : Science of fligt of airplanes.

👉Agronomy : Science dealing with crop plant.

👉Anatomy : The study of the structure and organization of living things

👉Angiology : Deals with the study of blood vascular system.

👉Anthology : Study of flower.

👉Anthropology : The study of human cultures both past and present. Study of apes and man.

👉Apiculture : Honey industries (Bee Keeping).

👉Araneology : Study of spiders.

👉Archaeology : The study of the material remains of cultures

👉Astronomy : The study of celestial objects in the universe. Study of heavenly bodies.

👉Astrophysics : The study of the physics of the universe

👉Bacteriology : The study of bacteria in relation to disease

👉Batracology : Study of frogs.

👉Biochemistry : The study of the organic chemistry of compounds and processes occurring in organisms

👉Biology : The science that studies living organisms

👉Biophysics : The application of theories and methods of the physical sciences to questions of biology

👉Biotechnology : Deals with the use of micro-organisms in commercial processes for producing fine chemicals such as drugs; vaccines hormones,etc. on a large scale.

👉Botany : The scientific study of plant life

👉Cardiology : Study of heart.

👉Chemical Engineering : The application of science, mathematics, and economics to the process of converting raw materials or chemicals into more useful or valuable forms

👉Chemistry : The science of matter and its interactions with energy and itself

👉Climatology : The study of climates and investigations of its phenomena and causes

👉Computer Science : The systematic study of computing systems and computation

👉Craniology : Study of skulls.

👉Cryogenics : Study concerning with the application and uses of very low temperature.

👉Cryptography : Study of secret writing.

👉Cytology : Study of cells.

👉Dermatology : Study of skin.

👉Ecology : The study of how organisms interact with each other and their environment

👉Electronics : Science and technology of electronic phenomena

👉Engineering : The practical application of science to commerce or industry

👉Entomology : The study of insects

👉Environmental Science : The science of the interactions between the physical, chemical, and biological components of the environment

👉Etiology : Study of cause of insects.

👉Eugenics : Study of improvment of human race by applying laws of heredity. it is related with future generations.

👉Evolution : Deals with the study of origin of new from old.

👉Exbiology : Deals with life or possibilities of life beyond the earth.

👉Floriculture : Study of flower yeilding plants.

👉Forestry : The science of studying and managing forests and plantations, and related natural resources

👉Genetics : The science of genes, heredity, and the variation of organisms

👉Geology : The Study of science of the earth, its structure, and history

👉Gerontology : study of growing old.

👉Gynaecology :  Study of female reproductive organs.

👉Haematology : Study of blood.

👉Hepatology : Study of liver.

👉Horticulture : Study of garden cultivation.

👉Iconography : Teachings by pictures and models.

👉Immunology : Science which deals with the study of resistance of organisms against infection.

👉Jurisprudence : Science of law.

👉Kalology : Study of human beauty.

👉Lexicography : Compiling of dictionary.

👉Marine Biology : The study of animal and plant life within saltwater ecosystems

👉Mathematics : A science dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement

👉Medicine : The science concerned with maintaining health and restoring it by treating disease

👉Meteorology : Study of the atmosphere that focuses on weather processes and forecasting

👉Microbiology : The study of microorganisms, including viruses, prokaryotes and simple eukaryotes

👉Mineralogy : The study of the chemistry, crystal structure, and physical (including optical) properties of minerals

👉Molecular Biology : The study of biology at a molecular level

👉Mycology : Study of fungi.

👉Myology : Study of muscles.

👉Nephrology : Study of kidneys.

👉Neurology : The branch of medicine dealing with the nervous system and its disorders

👉Nuclear Physics : The branch of physics concerned with the nucleus of the atom

👉Numismatics : Study of coins and medals.

👉Obstetrics : Branch of medicine dealing with pregnancy.

👉Oceanography : Study of the earth’s oceans and their interlinked ecosystems and chemical and physical processes

👉Omithology : Study of birds.

👉Oneirology : Study of dreams.

👉Ophthalmology  : Study of eyes .

👉Organic Chemistry : The branch of chemistry dedicated to the study of the structures, synthesis, and reactions of carbon-containing compounds

👉Ornithology : The study of birds

👉Osteology : Study of bones.

👉Paleontology :The study of life-forms existing in former geological time periods

👉Pathology : Study of disease causing organisms.

👉Pedology : Stydy of soils.

👉Petrology : The geological and chemical study of rocks

👉Philately : Stamp collecting.

👉Philology : Study of languages.

👉Phonetics : Concerning the sounds of a language.

👉Phycology : Study of algae.

👉Physics : The study of the behavior and properties of matter

👉Physiography : Natural phenomenon.

👉Physiology : The study of the mechanical, physical, and biochemical functions of living organisms

👉Pisciculture : Study of fish.

👉Pomology : Study of fruits.

👉Psychology : Study of the mind and behaviour

👉Radiology : The branch of medicine dealing with the applications of radiant energy, including x-rays and radioisotopes

👉Seismology : The study of earthquakes and the movement of waves through the earth

👉Sericulture  : Silk industry(culture of silk moth and pupa).

👉Serpentology : Study of snakes.

👉Taxonomy : The science of classification of animals and plants

👉Telepathy : Communication between two minds at a distance with the help of emotions, thoughts and feelings.

👉Thermodynamics : The physics of energy, heat, work, entropy and the spontaneity of processes

👉Toxicology : The study of poisons and the effects of posisoning

👉Virology : Study of virus.

👉Zoology : The study of animals

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