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The Hindu Vocabulary 10_January_2020

The Hindu Vocabulary

🔰 Sunday, 10 January 2021 🔰

●The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams.
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1. BURNISH (VERB): (चमकाना): polish up 
Synonyms: shine, brighten
Antonyms: dull
Example Sentence:
To burnish copper, I would probably use a drill with a pad attached to the end.

2. DIPLOMATIC (ADJECTIVE): (राजनयिक): tactful
Synonyms: sensitive, subtle
Antonyms: indiscreet
Example Sentence:
He tried his best to be diplomatic.

3. ABATEMENT (NOUN): (न्यूनीकरन): subsiding
Synonyms: lessening, decrease
Antonyms: intensification, increase
Example Sentence:
The new trend showed no signs of abatement.

4. AMELIORATE (VERB): (सुधरना): improve
Synonyms: better, enhance
Antonyms: worsen
Example Sentence:
Steps have been taken to ameliorate his situation.

5. FORMIDABLE (ADJECTIVE): (डराना): intimidating
Synonyms: forbidding, redoubtable
Antonyms: comforting
Example Sentence:
His opponent was certainly a formidable one.

6. ENDURE (NOUN): (टिकना): last
Synonyms: live, live on
Antonyms: fade
Example Sentence:
These cities have endured through time.

7. EMBOLDEN (VERB): (प्रोत्साहित करना): encourage
Synonyms: hearten, strengthen
Antonyms: dishearten
Example Sentence:
Emboldened by the claret, he pressed his knee against hers.

8. SLAM (VERB): (टकरा जाना): hit
Synonyms: strike, ram
Antonyms: miss
Example Sentence:
The car mounted the pavement, slamming into a lamp post.

9. BLEAK (ADJECTIVE): (सर्द): cold
Synonyms: keen, raw
Antonyms: warm
Example Sentence:
It was a bleak midwinter's day.

10. UNLEASH (VERB): (खोलना): release
Synonyms: free, loose
Antonyms: restrain
Example Sentence:
They dig up badger setts and unleash terriers into them.


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