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The Hindu Vocabulary 15_January_2020

The Hindu Vocabulary 

●The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams.
1. ESCHEW (VERB): (त्याग करना):  give up
Synonyms: forgo, forswear
Antonyms: indulge in
Example Sentence:She appealed to the crowd to eschew violence.

2. RADICAL (ADJECTIVE): (विस्तृत):  thoroughgoing
Synonyms: thorough, complete
Antonyms: superficial
Example Sentence:A radical overhaul of the existing regulatory framework is needed.

3. RELISH (NOUN): (प्रसन्नता):  gusto
Synonyms: enjoyment, delight
Antonyms: dislike
Example Sentence:I was appointed to a post for which I had little relish.

4. PRODIGIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (विलक्षण):  enormous
Synonyms: huge, colossal
Antonyms: small, insignificant
Example Sentence:The stove consumed a prodigious amount of fuel.

5. INCARCERATE (VERB): (क़ैद कर देना):  imprison
Synonyms: jail, lock up
Antonyms: release, free
Example Sentence:Many are incarcerated for property offences.

6. GALL (VERB): (खिजाना): irritate
Synonyms: annoy, vex
Antonyms: mollify
Example Sentence:It galled him to have to sit impotently in silence.

7. GARRULOUS (ADJECTIVE): (बातूनी):  talkative
Synonyms: loquacious, voluble
Antonyms: taciturn
Example Sentence:They met a garrulous cab driver today.

8. ABET (VERB): (सहायता करना):  assist
Synonyms: aid, help
Antonyms: hinder
Example Sentence:He was not guilty of murder but was guilty of aiding and abetting others.

9. RUDIMENTARY (ADJECTIVE): (अपरिष्कृत): primitive
Synonyms: crude, simple
Antonyms: sophisticated
Example Sentence:I am at a rudimentary stage of evolution.

10. FABRICATE (VERB): (निर्माण करना):  make
Synonyms: create, manufacture
Antonyms: destroy
Example Sentence:You will have to fabricate an exhaust system. 


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