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The Hindu Vocabulary 1_January_2021

The Hindu Vocabulary

🔰 Friday, 01 January 2021 🔰

The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams.

 1. COROLLARY (NOUN): (परिणाम):  consequence
Synonyms: result, upshot
Antonyms: cause
Example Sentence:The huge increases in unemployment were the corollary of expenditure cuts.

2. FRIVOLOUS (ADJECTIVE): (क्षुद्र):  flippant
Synonyms: glib, waggish
Antonyms: serious
Example Sentence:At bottom the man was frivolous, selfish and unstable.

3. CONTEMPT (NOUN): (अपमान):  disrespect
Synonyms: disregard, slighting
Antonyms: respect
Example Sentence:This action displays an arrogant contempt for the wishes of the majority.

4. DRENCH (VERB): (भिगाना):  soak
Synonyms: saturate, wet through
Antonyms: dry
Example Sentence:I fell in the stream and was drenched.

5. PROPRIETY (NOUN): (शिष्टाचार):  decorum
Synonyms: respectability decency
Antonyms: impropriety
Example Sentence:  She always behaves with the utmost propriety.

6. REFUTE (VERB): (खंडन करना):  disprove
Synonyms: rebut, confute
Antonyms: confirm
Example Sentence:These claims have not been refuted at all.

7. COLLOQUIAL (ADJECTIVE): (बोल-चाल की शैली):  informal
Synonyms: conversational, everyday
Antonyms: literary
Example Sentence:His colloquial talents were indeed of the highest order.

8. BEWILDER (VERB): (भरमाना):  baffle
Synonyms: mystify, bemuse
Antonyms: enlighten
Example Sentence:She was bewildered by his sudden change of mood.

9. HAPLESS (ADJECTIVE): (अभागे):  unfortunate
Synonyms: unlucky, luckless
Antonyms: lucky
Example Sentence:I met the hapless victims of the disaster.

10. INHIBIT (VERB): (रोकना):  impede
Synonyms: hinder hamper
Antonyms: assist
Example Sentence:Too much cold inhibits plant growth.


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