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The Hindu Vocabulary 21_January_2020

 The Hindu Vocabulary

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♦️The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams.♦️

1 RECONCILE (VERB): (समाधान करना): reunite 

Synonyms: pacify, appease 

Antonyms: estrange 

Example Sentence: 

He sought my advice on how to reconcile the conflict. 

2. DODGY (ADJECTIVE): (बेईमान): dishonest 

Synonyms: deceitful, dubious 

Antonyms: honest 

Example Sentence: 

I had to deal with a dodgy second-hand car salesman.


3. IRRITANT (NOUN): (चिढ़): annoyance 

Synonyms: irritation, pinprick 

Antonyms: help 

Example Sentence: 

The reasons for his irritant are now well known. 

4. STREAMLINE (VERB): (कारगर बनाना): efficient 

Synonyms: smooth-running, organized 

Antonyms: inefficient 

Example Sentence: 

The company streamlined its operations by removing whole layers of management. 

5. UNDERSCORE (VERB): (उभारना): highlight 

Synonyms: underline, point up 

Antonyms: understate 

Example Sentence: 

They underlined the need for daily, one-to-one contact between parent and child. 

6. INCITE (VERB): (उत्तेजित करना): stir up 

Synonyms: whip up, work up 

Antonyms: suppress 

Example Sentence: 

All of them conspired to incite riots. 

7. UNFETTER (VERB): (छुड़ा देना): untie 

Synonyms: unchain, unbind 

Antonyms: bind 

Example Sentence: 

The guards unfetter the prisoners. 

8. STRAINED (ADJECTIVE): (अस्वाभाविक): forced 

Synonyms: constrained, laboured 

Antonyms: natural 

Example Sentence: 

She gave a strained laugh. 

9. RESOLUTION (NOUN): (प्रण): determination 

Synonyms: purpose, resolve 

Antonyms: irresolution 

Example Sentence: 

He handled the last British actions of the war with resolution. 

10. SPARK (VERB): (कारण बनना): cause 

Synonyms: give rise to, set in motion 

Antonyms: end 

Example Sentence: 

The trial sparked a furious row.

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