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The Hindu Vocabulary_25_January_2021


🔰 The Hindu Vocabulary  🔰

1. CONVALESCE (VERB): (निरामय होना):  recuperate
Synonyms: recover, improve
Antonyms: deteriorate
Example Sentence:
He spent eight months convalescing after the stroke.

2. GREGARIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (सुसामाजिक):  social
Synonyms: sociable, companionable
Antonyms: unsociable
Example Sentence:
He was a popular and gregarious man.

3. EXQUISITE (ADJECTIVE): (उत्कृष्ट):  beautiful
Synonyms: lovely, elegant
Antonyms: crude
Example Sentence:
The Indians brought in exquisite designs and beadwork to sell.

4. FEASIBLE (ADJECTIVE): (व्यवहार्य):  practicable
Synonyms: practical, workable
Antonyms: impractical
Example Sentence:
It is not feasible to put most finds from excavations on public display.

5 TRANQUILLIZE (VERB): (शांत करना):  sedate
Synonyms: soothe, pacify
Antonyms: agitate
Example Sentence:
The dogs had to be tranquillized before their owner's body could be brought out.

6. IMPROBABLE (ADJECTIVE): (अप्रत्याशित):  inauthentic
Synonyms: unconvincing, unbelievable
Antonyms: believable
Example Sentence:
The characters have improbable names.

7. IMPULSE (NOUN): (आवेग):  wildness
Synonyms: spontaneity, recklessness
Antonyms: premeditation
Example Sentence:
She was solely a woman of impulse, not premeditation.

8. WRECK (VERB): (बिगाड़ देना):  ruin
Synonyms: spoil, disrupt
Antonyms: facilitate
Example Sentence:
An eye injury wrecked his chances of a professional career.

9. TORMENT (NOUN): (यातना):  agony
Synonyms: suffering, torture
Antonyms: pleasure
Example Sentence:
Their deaths have left both families in torment.

10. FELICITOUS (ADJECTIVE): (उचित):  apt
Synonyms: well chosen, choice
Antonyms: inappropriate
Example Sentence:
It was a felicitous phrase.

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