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The Hindu Vocabulary_31_January_2021


🔰 The Hindu Vocabulary  🔰

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1. DIFFERENTIAL (NOUN): (अंतर):  difference 

Synonyms: gap, gulf 

Antonyms: uniformity 

Example Sentence: 

The differential between petrol and diesel prices is remarkable. 

2. DISCONCERTING (ADJECTIVE): (चिंताजनक):  unsettling 

Synonyms: unnerving, discomfiting 

Antonyms: reassuring 

Example Sentence: 

He had a disconcerting habit of offering jobs to people he met at dinner parties. 

3. STRINGENT (ADJECTIVE): (सख़्त):  strict 

Synonyms: firm, rigid 

Antonyms: lenient 

Example Sentence: 

Stringent guidelines on air pollution need to be used. 

4. UNDYING (ADJECTIVE): (चिरजीवी):  abiding 

Synonyms: lasting, enduring 

Antonyms: transient 

Example Sentence: 

His only saving grace is his undying belief in the melodramatic. 

5 ANOMALY (NOUN): (विषमता):  oddity 

Synonyms: peculiarity, abnormality 

Antonyms: regularity 

Example Sentence: 

There are a number of anomalies in the present system. 

6. PATENT (ADJECTIVE): (स्पष्ट):  obvious 

Synonyms: clear, plain 

Antonyms: unobtrusive 

Example Sentence: 

She was smiling with patent insincerity. 

7. SPUR (NOUN): (प्रोत्साहन):  stimulus 

Synonyms: incentive encouragement 

Antonyms: diincentive 

Example Sentence: 

Wars act as a spur to practical invention. 

8. LEVY (VERB): (भर्ती करना):  conscript 

Synonyms: call up, enlist 

Antonyms: demobilize 

Example Sentence: 

I sought to levy one man for service. 

9. HOSPITALITY (NOUN): (सत्कार):  friendliness 

Synonyms: welcome, helpfulness 

Antonyms: unfriendliness 

Example Sentence: 

Scotland is renowned for its hospitality. 

10. SLENDER (ADJECTIVE): (अल्प):  meagre 

Synonyms: limited, slight 

Antonyms: considerable 

Example Sentence: 

I helped people of slender means.


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