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English Of The Day 2


 English Of The Day

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🔰 Word of the Day 🖊️

➡️Footling (adjective)

🔺Meaning: पैर पटकना

🔺Synonyms: insignificant, unimportant, petty, minor, trivial, inessential, pointless/worthless

✍️Example Sentence:
➖Unfortunately the analyses of actual music are pedestrian and footling.
➖Still, these are footling changes, and most of the text remains commendably unimproved.

🔰 Slang of the Day  🔰


🔺Meaning: trouble, a difficult situation

✍️Example Sentence:
➖Poor old Paddy's in a pickle. He bet the money his wife had given him for the rent on a horse, and it lost!
➖Julio got himself in a pickle when he accidentally sent an SMS to his wife - an SMS he'd written for his girlfriend!

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