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English Of The Day 4

🛑 English Idioms 🛑

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1. to give someone a ring
to telephone someone, give somebody a buzz.

2. to go Dutch
to share the cost of something, especially a meal.

3. to go without saying
it should be generally understood or accepted.

4. to have another thing coming
is to be greatly mistaken.

5. to have one's heart set on
to want something very much.

6. (to have time off)
a period of time that is free from employment or school.

7. to keep one's head
 Stay calm, retain self-control.

8. to keep up with
to move as quickly as someone else.

9. to knock it off
to stop doing something that annoys you or Quit or stop doing something.

10. to know by sight
to recognize a person's face, but not know the name.

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