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The Hindu Vocabulary_22_February_2021


🔰 The Hindu Vocabulary  🔰

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🔹 PANDEMONIUM (NOUN): (हंगामा):  bedlam

Synonyms: chaos, mayhem

Antonyms: silence

Example Sentence:There was complete pandemonium here.

🔹 ASSUAGE (VERB): (राहत देना):  relieve

Synonyms: ease, alleviate

Antonyms: Aggravate

Example Sentence:The letter assuaged the fears of most members 

🔹 DISCONTENT (VERB): (असंतोष):  dissatisfaction

Synonyms: disaffection, grievances

Antonyms: contentment

Example Sentence:Voters voiced discontent with both parties.

🔹 ABRASIVE (ADJECTIVE): (काटू):  caustic

Synonyms: cutting, grating

Antonyms: kind

Example Sentence:Her abrasive and arrogant personal style won her few friends.

🔹 EUPHEMISM (NOUN): (प्रेयोक्ति):  substitute

Synonyms: understatement, underplaying

Antonyms: dysphemism

Example Sentence:The jargon has given us ‘downsizing’ as a euphemism for cuts.

🔹 HEDONISTIC (ADJECTIVE): (सुखवादी):  self-indulgent

Synonyms: indulgent, pleasure-seeking

Antonyms: ascetic

Example Sentence:He accepted bodily without farther questioning the hedonistic psychology.

🔹 EPITOMIZE (VERB): (संक्षिप्त करना):  summarize

Synonyms: abstract, precis

Antonyms: elaborate

Example Sentence:For the benefit of our readers, we will epitomize the pamphlet.

🔹 SIDESTEP (VERB): (बचना):  avoid

Synonyms: evade, dodge

Antonyms: tackle

Example Sentence:He neatly sidestepped the questions about riots.

🔹 DOGMA (NOUN): (शिक्षण):  teaching

Synonyms: belief, conviction

Antonyms: doubt

Example Sentence:In place of dogma, the elements of religion were alone to be taught.

🔹  JEOPARDIZE (VERB): (जोखिम में डालना):  threaten

Synonyms: endanger, imperil

Antonyms: safeguard

Example Sentence:He said that the deportations could jeopardize international negotiations.

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