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The Hindu Vocabulary_25_February_2021


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1.Canvassing (N)-the activity of trying to persuade people to support someone or something. पक्षप्रचार, मतार्चन

2.Backlash (N)-a strong negative reaction by a large number of people, especially to a social or political development. प्रतिक्रिया

3.Coalition (N)-a group of two or more political parties working together to win an election or govern an area. गठबंधन

4.Ripples (N)-Sudden instances of a particular emotion. लहर

5.Optimistic (Adj)-hopeful and confident about the future. आशावादी

6.Accrue (V)-to increase in number or amount over a period of time.

7.Vituperative (Adj)-marked by harshly abusive criticism. निंदात्मक

8.Speak Out (Phrasal Verb)-express one's feelings or opinions frankly and publicly.

9.Revelations (N)-a surprising and previously unknown fact that has been disclosed to others. खुलासे

10.Brought To The Fore (Phrase)-to move something forward or make something more prominent or noticeable.

11.Rooted In (Idiom)-based on something; connected to a source or cause.

12.Defamation (N)-the action of damaging the good reputation of someone. मानहानि

13.Underscored (V)-to emphasize the importance something.

14.Raked Up (Phrasal Verb)- to make known or public.

15.Detriment (N)-the state of being harmed or damaged.

16.Stubbornly (Adv)-in a way that is difficult to move, remove, or improve.

17.Bumper (Adj)-larger in amount than usual.

18.Augured (V)-to be a sign of what may happen in the future.

19.Brought To The Fore (Phrase)-to emphasize something or make it more noticeable.

20.Edible (Adj)-suitable or safe for eating. खाने योग्य

21.Wane (V)-to become weaker in strength or influence. कम होना

22.Firm Footing (N)-a firm contact or grip.

23.Lingering (Adj)-prolonged, protracted or lasting a long time.

24.Unrelenting (Adj)-continuous, sustained, endless, persistent, eternal, perpetual. निरन्तर

25.Dizzying (Adj)-extremely rapid.

26.Feed Into (Phrasal Verb)-to have an effect on something.

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