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The Hindu Vocabulary_2_February_2021


🔰 The Hindu Vocabulary  🔰

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1. STOCKPILE (VERB): (भंडार लगाना):  store up

Synonyms: amass, accumulate

Antonyms: dissipate

Example Sentence:

They stockpiled weapons and ammunition that will last several months.

2. NEUTRALITY (NOUN): (निष्पक्षता):  impartiality

Synonyms: objectivity, fairness

Antonyms: partiality

Example Sentence:

During the war, Switzerland maintained its neutrality.

3. EQUILIBRIUM (NOUN): (शांति):  calm

Synonyms: calmness, composure

Antonyms: agitation

Example Sentence:

His intense behaviour could unsettle his equilibrium.

4. INCURSION (NOUN): (आक्रमण):  attack on

Synonyms: assault on, raid on

Antonyms: retreat

Example Sentence:

Government forces were able to halt the rebel incursion.

5. UNDERPIN (VERB): (बढ़ावा देना):  promote

Synonyms: nurture, encourage

Antonyms: hinder

Example Sentence:

The theme of honour underpinning the two books.

6. CATASTROPHE (NOUN): (तबाही):  disaster

Synonyms: calamity, cataclysm

Antonyms: salvation

Example Sentence:

Things may drag on perhaps till July, but then a catastrophe must could come.

7. REINFORCE (VERB): (सुदृढ बनाना):  strengthen

Synonyms: fortify, buttress

Antonyms: weaken

Example Sentence:

The captain sent out another squad to reinforce the troops.

8. RECURRENT (ADJECTIVE): (आवर्तक):  repeated

Synonyms: recurring, repetitive

Antonyms: isolated

Example Sentence:

She had a recurrent dream about falling.

9. RETREAT (VERB): (पीछे हटना):  retire

Synonyms: withdraw, draw back

Antonyms: advance

Example Sentence:

The French retreated in disarray.

10 EUPHORIA (NOUN): (उत्साह):  elation

Synonyms: happiness, joy

Antonyms: misery

Example Sentence:

In his euphoria, he had become convinced he could defeat them.


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