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National Emblems of Various Countries

✳️ National Emblems of Various Countries ✳️

 Click Here 👉👉 ASEAN Member Countries 

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💠Bangladesh➖Water Lily

💠Barbados➖Head of Trident


💠Canada➖White Lily

💠Chile➖Candor and Huemul


💠Dominica➖Sisserou Parrot


💠Germany➖Corn Flower

💠Hongkong➖Bauhinia (Orchid Tree)

💠India➖Lioned Capital




💠Italy➖White Lily

💠Ivory Coast➖Elephant


💠Luxembourg➖Lion with Crown

💠Lebanon➖Cedar Tree

💠Mongolia➖The Soyombo


💠New Zealand➖Kiwi, Southern Cross


💠Papua New Guinea➖Bird of Paradise


Click Here 👉👉  SAARC Member Countries 

💠Sri Lanka➖Sword & Lion


💠Sierra Leone➖Lion

💠Russia➖Sickle & Hammer

💠Turkey➖Crescenet & Star

💠United Kingdom➖Rose

💠USA➖Golden Rod


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