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The Hindu Vocabulary_16_March_2021


🔰 The Hindu Vocabulary  🔰

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● NEUTRALITY (NOUN): (निष्पक्षता):  impartiality

Synonyms: objectivity, fairness

Antonyms: partiality

Example Sentence:During the war, Switzerland maintained its neutrality.

● OSTRACISE (VERB): (अलग करना):  exclude

Synonyms: shun, spurn

Antonyms: welcome

Example Sentence:She was declared a witch and ostracized by the villagers.

● POISED (ADJECTIVE): (शांतचित्त):  self-possessed

Synonyms: self-assured, composed

Antonyms: excited

Example Sentence:Not every day you saw that poised, competent kid distressed.

● MACABRE (ADJECTIVE): (भयंकर):  gruesome

Synonyms: grisly grim

Antonyms: pleasant.

Example Sentence:A macabre series of murders shocked us.

● CAPITULATE (VERB): (आत्मसमर्पण करना):  surrender

Synonyms: give in, yield

Antonyms: resist

Example Sentence:The patriots had to capitulate to the enemy forces.

● CONVALESCE (VERB): (अच्छा हो जाना):  recuperate

Synonyms: recover, improve

Antonyms: deteriorate

Example Sentence:After your operation, you'll need to convalesce for a week or two.

● DISSENT (NOUN): (असहमति):  disagreement

Synonyms: dispute, argument

Antonyms: agreement

Example Sentence:There was no dissent from this view.

● VIABLE (ADJECTIVE): (करणीय):  workable

Synonyms: feasible, practicable

Antonyms: impracticable

Example Sentence:The investment was economically viable.

● INHIBIT (VERB): (रोकना):  impede

Synonyms: hinder, hamper

Antonyms: assist

Example Sentence:Cold inhibits plant growth.

● BOAST (VERB): (डींग मारना):  brag

Synonyms: crow, swagger

Antonyms: deprecate

Example Sentence:She boasted about her many conquests.

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