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The Hindu Vocabulary_25_March_2021


🔰 The Hindu Vocabulary  🔰

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● AMENABLE (ADJECTIVE): (आज्ञाकारी):  compliant

Synonyms: acquiescent, biddable

Antonyms: uncooperative

Example Sentence:

All parents want their children to be amenable.

● PLAINTIVE (ADJECTIVE): (शोकाकुल):  mournful

Synonyms: sad, wistful

Antonyms: cheerful

Example Sentence:

The sad news of their grandmother's death left the room full of plaintive cries.

● RAMPANT (ADJECTIVE): (अनियंत्रित):  uncontrolled

Synonyms: unrestrained, unchecked

Antonyms: controlled

Example Sentence:

Political violence was rampant in our area.

● ACCLAIM (VERB): (प्रशंसा करना):  praise

Synonyms: applaud, cheer

Antonyms: criticise

Example Sentence:

He was acclaimed for his amazing work.

● DODGY (ADJECTIVE): (बेईमान):  dishonest

Synonyms: deceitful, dubious

Antonyms: honest

Example Sentence:

I had to deal with a dodgy second-hand car salesman.

● TEMPORAL (ADJECTIVE): (लौकिक):  secular

Synonyms: non-spiritual, worldly

Antonyms: spiritual

Example Sentence:

The Church did not imitate the secular rulers who thought only of temporal gain.

● GREGARIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (सुसामाजिक):  social

Synonyms: sociable, companionable

Antonyms: unsociable

Example Sentence:

He was a popular and gregarious man.

● FORMIDABLE (ADJECTIVE): (दुर्जेय):  intimidating

Synonyms: forbidding, redoubtable

Antonyms: comforting

Example Sentence:

Competition from established businesses can be formidable.

● VIGOROUS (ADJECTIVE): (ज़ोरदार):  strenuous

Synonyms: powerful, potent

Antonyms: weak

Example Sentence:

It is said that vigorous exercise increases oxygen consumption.

● UNBRIDLED (ADJECTIVE): (निरंकुश):  unrestrained

Synonyms: unconstrained uncontrolled

Antonyms: restrained

Example Sentence:

I felt a moment of unbridled ambition.

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