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The Hindu Vocabulary_4_March_2021


🔰 The Hindu Vocabulary  🔰

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1. AFFRONT (VERB): (अपमान करना):  insult

Synonyms: offend, outrage

Antonyms: compliment

Example Sentence:

She was affronted by his familiarity.

2. CAPRICIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (मनमौजी):  fickle

Synonyms: inconstant, changeable

Antonyms: stable

Example Sentence:

It's terrible to feel our livelihood hinges on a capricious boss.

3. IMPART (VERB): (प्रदान करना):  communicate

Synonyms: pass on, convey

Antonyms: keep to oneself

Example Sentence:

The teachers imparted a great deal of knowledge to their pupils.

4. ABSURDITY (NOUN): (अर्थहीनता):  idiocy

Synonyms: ridiculousness, stupidity

Antonyms: reasonableness

Example Sentence:

I laughed at the absurdity of the situation.

5. IMPERIL (VERB): (संकट में डालना):  endanger

Synonyms: jeopardize, risk

Antonyms: safeguard

Example Sentence:

They advised against tax increases for fear of imperiling the recovery.

6. PERTURB (VERB): (घबड़ा देना):  worry

Synonyms: upset, unsettle

Antonyms: reassure

Example Sentence:

They were perturbed by her rude behavior.

7. RESILIENT (ADJECTIVE): (प्रबल):  strong

Synonyms: tough, hardy

Antonyms: vulnerable

Example Sentence:

Babies are generally far more resilient than new parents realize.

8. MODERATION (NOUN): (आत्मसंयम): self-restraint

Synonyms: restraint, self-control

Antonyms: extremism

Example Sentence:

He urged them to show moderation.

9. PREFATORY (ADJECTIVE): (प्रारंभिक):  introductory

Synonyms: preliminary, opening

Antonyms: final

Example Sentence:

His prefatory remarks the author claims that

10. AGITATE (VERB): (उत्तेजित करना):  upset

Synonyms: perturb, fluster

Antonyms: calm

Example Sentence:

The thought of questioning Tony agitated him extremely.

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